Friday, February 1, 2013

Noodle Madness at M.Y. China

Martin Yan's M.Y. China is the type of pricey, upscale venue that I normally eschew, but it's a friendly, fun place, as the video below suggests (not to mention being a half-hour closer by bus for me than any other hand-pulled noodle joint). The noodles, made to order for you, are excellent, and if you sit at the counter by the noodle station you get the same vantage point this video was shot from, so it's a dinner/lunch show worth the $12-$18 ticket price. Thanks to Alex Ong, Chef at Betelnut Peiju Wu for this video, recorded at M.Y. China and posted on Facebook. It features the noodle-pulling exploits of head chef Yong Dong "Tony" Wu, including "Gangnam style" and "10,000 strands blindfolded" as breathlessly narrated by Martin Yan.

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