Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Slurp Du Jour: Spicy Hand-pulled Beef Noodles at Xi An Gourmet

I've been accused of being fixated on Terra Cotta Warrior on account of the number of noodle-ish dishes I've reported on from there, and it's true I was (and might still be) Mayor of TCW on Foursquare. But when it comes down to a basic bowl of hand-pulled wheat noodles, my heart belongs to the more homely Xi An Gourmet.

Case in point: today's bowl of "Spicy Beef Soup Nooodles" (in Chinese on Xi An Gourmet's Hand-Pulled Noodles  menu as Chuan wei niu rou mian). The bowl was large, the noodles muscular and chewy, the broth dark and beefy with a meal's worth of tender braised beef brisket. and enough cilantro and Chinese mustard to let me know I was getting my vegetables.  What more could I want for $6.99? Also available in lamb.

Where slurped: Xi An Gourmet, 3741 Geary Blvd. at 2nd Avenenue, San Francisco

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  1. Hi, thought I would reach out to you, because you seem to love this food as much as (perhaps more than) I do.

    I inhaled a bowl this evening, and it was absolutely wonderful. I have come to Xi An Gourmet 5 or 6 times now, and have enjoyed several dishes. However, each time I feel that the noodles should be chewier. They are just a little too soft, and this is a minor disappointment for me every time.

    Still, the food is wonderful, and the owner is nice.



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