Monday, April 15, 2013

Teaching Your Pre-schoolers About Ramen (There's An App For That, With Your Help)

Along with sex education, gun safety, and the wisdom of not talking to strangers, you'll want your kid to know about ramen, won't you? There's an app for that. Or will be, if  a group of Torontonians hoping to produce an instructional app for pre-schoolers called Ramen Party, along with a companion e-book series, reach their funding goal on Indiegogo.

Ramen Party Music Video from Ramen Party on Vimeo.

I kicked in $25, not only so I wouldn't feel guilty about using this video and to get a cool tote bag, but also because I would would want my kid to know his shio from his shoyu, be able to tell the nice serving lady in the school cafeteria to go easy on the negi, and, above all know about kae-dama* after a hard morning of slogging through the Toronto snowdrifts. Why not do the same?

*"More noodles, please."

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