Saturday, October 30, 2010

Noodles du Jour: Curry Laksa from Azalina Malaysian

Off the Grid at Fort Mason Center, the Friday night street food extravaganza, is beginning to wind down for the Winter hiatus. There were no new vendors last night, and few new dishes to entice me, so I was doubly happy that Azalina of Azalina Malaysian had added a Curry Laksa to her offerings. Azalina's version had both laksa noodles and thin rice vermicelli in a coconutty lemon grass flavored broth, and was topped with a generous amount of chicken and you doufu. It was a hearty and tasty portion for $6.00, and the al dente thick laksa noodles contrasted nicely with the tender vermicelli. Having little familiarity with the dish, I took it as is, but the next time I'll ask for a bit more spice heat, as it was a little on the bland side.

Where Slurped: Off the Grid, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco

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